Solutions for Broadcast Operators

Unitron Group is your ideal technology partner when it comes to custom-made solutions for Broadcast Operators.
We are the a reference in the market.


As a preferred technology partner of the world’s biggest telecom operators, we are a worldwide leader in TV distribution solutions.

We offer solutions to many operators around the world:

  • SKY (UK & Italy)
  • AT&T (USA)
  • Canal+ (France & Africa)
  • MNC Vision (Indonesia)
  • Foxtel (Australia)
  • Shaw Direct (Canada)

While working with these operators for many years, we learned the importance of offering new solutions to maintain and grow the customer's base (B2C and B2B).

Unitron Advantages for operators

  • Save on equipment costs (custom-made is often cheaper than off the shelf products).
  • Grow subscriber base (New technology and new standards allow you to stay up to date and offer new services to your subscribers).
  • Reduce maintenance costs (quality products means less product failures and less after sales support).
  • Improve quality of service and reduce field service time (remote monitoring and management reduces time for installers to go physically to each installation to upgrade products. It also helps to detect problems faster).

Some of our solutions


Fiber distribution

We developed a solution to put RF signals from Satellite, Terrestrial or Cable TV on passive optical networks (GPON). This way, operators can offer TV services over their fiber network, without having to invest in expensive and complex IPTV solutions.

Here’s some more info on our Fiber solution: Compared to the competitors, our system can easily reach twice as many splits while keeping an excellent signal quality, reducing the need to use expensive optical amplifiers. We also offer a full product range from transmitter to receiver and automatic signal balancing accessories making it the most easy and stable system in the market. We go beyond the specs and below the price of solutions currently available on the market.


Digital headend and HDMI Modulation

We sold SMATV equipment all over the world, and we learned that not all SMATV projects are suited for expensive headend equipment. Especially in smaller projects it is difficult to find professional but affordable equipment. Our solution uses a HDMI signal coming from the set-top box, which is then converted by our HDMI Encoder-Modulator, that serves as a SMATV distribution headend. This solution is many times cheaper than a professional headend with integrated DRM and conditional access.


Satellite Distribution (Single cable distribution)

For many years we have been market leader in Single Cable Distribution solutions ( dSCR, dCSS, Unicable,...). Together with SKY (UK) and DirecTV (USA) we’ve developped new single cable standards in order to optimize installation efficiency by offering more TV services on existing single coax cable distribution networks.

Our experience in this technology results in the biggest range of Single Cable products at the best price.


Wireless Connectivity

In a world where more and more physical objects are being wirelessly connected, Radio-Frequency (RF) expertise is key. The last decade was marked by an enormous increase in broadband connected devices and services: On the technology side, we saw increasing data rates, new communication protocols and intelligent connectivity (4G/5G/Wi-Fi/LPWAN/...). On the end-user side, we noticed higher expectations towards wireless connectivity: being connected at anywhere, anytime. This trend goes along with huge challenges in terms of Radio-Frequency (RF).

UnitronGroup is your ideal technology partner when it comes to custom-made solutions for Telecom Operators.

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