We provide OEM Solutions for the Telecom Industry

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we develop high quality products under your own brand name, design and styling.
Our solutions are available to many customers and TV-operators.

For example, we are a major supplier to the world's biggest satellite operators (Sky, AT&T, ASTRA, CANAL+,...). Based on our customer base, we dare to state that we are flexible and reliable. Our flexible team offers you for every evolution a custom-made solution.


What OEM Services do we provide?

We can produce your custom products, our one of our Johansson products, discretely and under your brand name.
Our products are mostly designed for multi-dwelling units (MDU) and hospitality, but we also have single-family unit (SFU) or end-user products.

Here's a short overview of what we're doing:

  • Satellite TV distribution: single wire (dSCR*) or multi wire distribution equipment
  • Digital Modular Headends for signals over cable, satellite, terrestrial, HDMI, mobile
  • Profiler Technology*: Compact terrestrial programmable filters, amplifiers and channel convertors
  • Fixing terrestrial interference (5G, MUX, products for 2nd dividend, RED compliant)
  • Improving in-house connectivity (MoCA, WoCA,...)
  • Fibre Optical Distribution of RF signals
  • Wide Band* solutions for more efficient & reliable satellite signal distribution
  • Remote monitoring and alarming of connected field equipment with IoT technology
  • Video streaming services

* We're the market leader for these products/technologies

Interested in our services?

Contact us and discover how UnitronGroup can help you!